Environmental Responsibility

E-waste is a global problem we all have the responsibility to tackle. Therefore, Anbooc is committed to bringing the most reliable and efficient charging solutions on the market. Our products are durable enough to be used for years. And when we develop new generations of hand warmers, we leverage our legacy products to re-use as many of our electronic components, lithium-ion batteries, and other materials as possible.

Anbooc calls on customers to recycle battery and to take responsibility of  environment protection together with Anbooc.

Battery Recycling

Batteries are an essential part of our daily life. You can easily find them at your home or in your office. It's important to manage their environmental impact with scientific use, handling and disposal practices.
There are batteries in our products. We hope all of our customers join us. Do your part to protect environment.

What You Can Do

-Do not use or store batteries in extreme temperatures.
-Keep batteries away from water and humidity.
-Remove batteries from devices during periods of extended non-use.
-Do not throw away batteries with household waste.
-Do not use old and new batteries together.

How to Recycle Batteries

Step 1 - Search on Google to find a recycling facility near you.
Step 2 - Check Earth911 for assistance in finding convenient recycling options.
Step 3 - Check Call2Recycle for assistance in finding convenient recycling options.
Step 4 - Follow your local laws and regulations for proper battery disposal.