Rechargeable Hand Warmers or Disposable Hand Warmers - Which one should you buy

Rechargeable Hand Warmers or Disposable Hand Warmers - Which one should you buy?

We can't stay indoors for the entire winter. It can be hard to enjoy being outdoors even you've properly wrapped yourself with thick clothes. A hand warmer will be your savior. Bring you warmth continuously and help you to conquer the severe cold. If you purchase disposable hand warmers, you can use them anytime you want and have no worry of forgetting to charge them. But a rechargeable hand warmer is reusable and reduces the waste produced. Is it hard for you to determine? Let us help you.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Disposable Hand Warmers

When we talk about disposable hand warmers, we will think about the little disposable pouches that emit warmth seconds of being exposed to air. The warmth is produced by the chemical reaction inside.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Disposable Hand Warmers

A disposable hand warmer is typically contained iron powder, water, salt, an absorbent material, and activated carbon. When you remove the outer package of the pouch, oxygen enters into it through the permeable covering and reacts with the iron powder to form iron oxide and release heat, with the presence of water and salt. The familiar absorbent material can be pulverized wood, a polymer such as a polyacrylate, or a silicon-based mineral called vermiculite. They can help to retain the moisture so that the reaction can keep occurring. And the activated carbon helps to disperse the heat produced evenly, which can reach 149℉.

After knowing about the working principle of disposable hand warmers, we can easily find two problems. One of them is that a large quantity of heat is produced quickly. If the activated carbon doesn't work properly or you leave it in a certain position near your body for a long period, there is a risk of low-temperature burn. The other problem is that they can only work once and will produce a lot of waste, which isn't environmentally friendly.

The Reason Why We Choose Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers offer an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. Usually, one charge can last for several hours, which is even longer than the heating time of a disposable one. If you use hand warmers frequently, a rechargeable one is more cost-effective and helps you to save money in the long run.

What's more, rechargeable hand warmers are safer to use due to the adjustable temperature levels. For instance, Anbooc A2 rechargeable hand warmers have 3 optional temperature levels which are 95℉, 114℉, and 122℉. You can adjust it to the temperature you like by pressing the button. Equipped with advanced technology, it can warm up just in 1 second. Enable you to enjoy the warmth without waiting.

Anbooc A2 rechargeable hand warmers - the smallest, lightest and most stylish electronic hand warmers

Besides, the appearance of hand warmers is more diverse than disposables. If you think hand warm pouches are papa's choice and you want something special and stylish, purchase a rechargeable hand warmer. There will be at least one for you.

Anbooc A2 Hand Warmers are the only rechargeable hand warmers integrated with art design. After one year of design and several-rounds user voting surveys, we only select 12 from 538 designs and live them. 

Anbooc A2 rechargeable hand warmers - best rechargeable hand warmers of 2021

Superfast Heating Speed - Double sides warm-up in only 1 second. 3 heat settings enable you to enjoy the warmth as you will.

Surprisingly Small and Light - 35% lighter than iPhone 12 and up to 50% smaller compared to the existing best-selling rechargeable hand warmer in the market. Palm-size makes it easy to grip. Burden-free in all-day carries and fit into any small pockets for any event.

Ultimate Comfortable - Skin-like smooth exterior after thousands of polish. Just like holding the warm hand of your loved ones.

3 Series, 3 Kinds of Styles - Secret Land series, Spiritual Force series, and Life Player series express different styles of art. At least one, you will love.

Safe and Environmental Friendly - UL-certified Li-ion batteries bring you worry-free usage.

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